Relationships Transitions

  • What is a healthy relationship?
  • What are the ingredients?
  • The dark side
  • Unhelpful myths
  • How do we build healthier relationships?
  • Who can mental health professionals help?
  • What other resources are available?
What is a healthy relationship?

Relationship are a source of intense joy when they are healthy ... and intense pain when they are not.

Good relationships are founded on learning about ourselves and our partners across the lifespan of the relationship. As individuals we grow and change throughout our lives as do our significant relationships.

Transitions create opportunities for the relationship to become deeper and stronger, some continue as they were, and some breakdown depending on how we renegotiate.

Ingredients of healthy relationships

BOTH partners in healthy relationships report high levels of:

  • Mutual trust
  • Mutual understanding
  • Mutual commitment
  • Mutual respect
  • Quality time
  • Shared goals & independence

These ingredients are the result of constructive action and good intention...not fate.

The dark side

  • Recognising toxic relationships
  • Escaping codependence & alcohol
  • Zero tolerance for domestic abuse
  • Lopsided power and control
  • Managing toxic in-laws
How do we build healthier relationships?

  • Develop skills for courageous conversations
  • Discuss expectation and needs openly
  • Do things you enjoy together & apart
  • Create ground rules for conflicts
  • When you get stuck...ask for help
  • Commit to agreed ground rules

How can counselling help?

  • Negotiating transitions
  • Enrichment training
  • Pre-parenting checkup
  • Co-parenting skills
  • Renovate and makeover
  • Conflict management
  • Separation planning
  • Blended family planning


  • Good relationships are made in heaven!
  • Effective communication is automatic!
  • If my partner really loves me they should be able to read my mind!
  • Assumptions are the same as facts!
  • Good sex (alone) is the key to a long and happy relationship!
  • If we can't work things out on our own, 'Its not meant to be' !
  • People don't change!
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